From the first moment you realize you are pregnant until the baby is born, you will read a lot of articles related to your current situation, trying to learn what is best for your child’s well-being. Many mothers imagine an ideal scenario, to deliver the baby to this world, and breastfeed until it’s big enough to eat solid food and drink water. But, things do not always go as we planned.

The fact is that the mother’s milk contains all the vitamins and minerals the baby needs at the first moment, and it changes as it grows, following the needs of that little human, who needs to survive with help from the parents. Many new parents are deciding to try with baby formula, especially when the mother can’t really produce the needed amount of milk, or the nutritional needs of the baby are bigger.

At the same time, some mothers may have problems with the process named lactation, especially those who delivered through a C-section, because the hormones need time to adapt to the new situation. In the end, we also need to mention that some babies can’t really catch the breast, and eat. But, that’s why the breast pumps are invented, and they are life-savers, according to so many families in the world.

Breastfeeding is one of the most common challenges every woman faces when she starts the motherhood. According to, the pumps are also useful for the mothers who need to go back to work, and the baby is still on her milk. There are so many things you must be careful about, and one of them is not to buy cheap electric devices, because:

1. They may not last long


The truth is you will need the pump for just a few months, and then you will just put it back in the box. The best-case scenario is that you will have another child, and you can use it again if needed. The problem with cheap devices is that they may not last long enough to cover your needs. As you will never buy a cheap blow-dryer, hand blender, or any other device that should be connected to electricity in order to work, you shouldn’t do that with the mother’s pump. It may not be powerful enough, and you will spend more money when you decide to replace it with a better one.

2. It may cause burns or hurt you

Not every pump is designed the same. The popular brands always improve the design, so it can be comfortable for the mother while collecting the milk. But, cheap models may be risky and have problems with heating, that can burn your skin. Also, if the part that goes around the areola is not anatomically designed, it may cause cuts on the skin, which can be really painful, because the mother’s body is a few times more sensitive after she delivers, compared to her previous lifestyle.

3. They are not comfortable


Some mothers spend a lot of time pumping, especially when the baby never eats directly from the nipple. It’s understandable that the whole process can be a little painful and not comfortable, but if the pain is huge and you can never heal from the previous pumping, you need to replace the model you have. Your breasts are already very sensitive and prone to itching and soreness, and you don’t need additional discomfort while you feed the baby.

4. They may waste your precious time

Expensive models guarantee a whole amount available pumped in a few minutes. You can’t expect that you will complete the task in 5 minutes, but waiting more than 30 minutes for the process to finish can be exhausting and frustrating. Also, if you have a proper lactation, in a few hours you will need to do the same again, which means you are spending a lot of time with the pump on your breast, and no one wants that. You will have a baby just a few months until becomes a toddler, and you must plan all the precious time very carefully because they grow up very fast, and you will miss the baby days, you spent trying to get one more drop of milk.

5. It’s frustrating for both the mother and baby


Babies need attention, hugs, and all the love the parents may provide to them. But, they will always prefer their mother, because they were with her nine months before they were born. Babies will also always know when the mom is nervous and sad, and that makes them sad too. So, instead of getting frustrated because of the endless pumping, you can consult with your pediatrician on what to do, and if they approve, you can move to formula, so you can both be calm and have a quality time together.

Be careful: In order to save some money, some parents will accept to buy a used device, or borrow from a sister or friend. But, we highly recommend you not to do that. We know that as new parents, you have expenses you never had before, but it’s better to re-arrange the whole budget and find a good pump, instead of buying two or three cheap devices or borrow from another family.

Be aware that no matter how hard you are trying, you can never get the device sterile, and the risks of contamination are always present. Buying a new one is always the best solution. Your baby is adapting to the conditions in your home, and it’s never too clean or sterile because that’s possible only in the hospitals. But, used devices can be risky for you and your baby too. The only exception is the hospital pumps, that are designed to be shared and have an advanced system of cleaning and disinfection. But, most of them can’t be used at home, and at the same time, they are very expensive, and not worth the money.

Finding the right pump is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. You can find great mid-range devices that are very durable and provide comfort while pumping. Your baby needs you, and you shouldn’t dedicate all your time trying to squeeze a few more drops when you can have a more efficient device, or you can combine breastfeeding together with baby formula. But, when you buy it, take in mind all the reasons we mentioned in this article, and avoid cheap devices that can be even dangerous for you and the baby.