The vital function of a watch is to provide accurate time. It helps a person to complete work in an allotted time; hence waring one is necessary. The timepiece act as a constant task reminder for us. One of its types is a wristwatch. It is designed to continue functioning despite the wearers’ motion.

There are numerous luxurious brands of watches that are already out and available in the market today from different parts of the globe. Switzerland and Japan are only two of the countries that make the best watches. Today, I am going to give you a shortlist of the best affordable watch brands of one of the countries who also made a breakthrough in the watch industry; India.



Casio is a Japanese multinational consumer and commercial electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Kazuhiro Kashio in April 1946 and has been since a well-known brand. This brand doesn’t only offer watches but even cameras, electronic musical instruments, mobile phones, and even calculators.

When it comes to watches, Casio has its own set of best sellers and most popular models. One of these is the Casio G-Shock selection, Casio Enticer SH35 for women, Casio Enticer A950 for men, Casio Youth D002, Casio Enticer A1133, and many more. If you’re looking for a stylish and durable digital watch, you might want to consider buying one of Casio watches.



Initially introduced as (Timex Corporation), Timex is an American brand that offers a suite of watches for girls, boys, men, and women. This brand offers its customers high-end Italian designs and cutting-edge German technology. It is also known for its durability and simplicity. Furthermore, it has a broad range of models and selections of a limited edition.

Timex India is one of the most trusted watch brands in India. A few of the most popular models they have in India are Timex Expedition MF13 Men’s Watch, Timex TW000X210 Women’s Watch, Timex Expedition T46601 Unisex Watch, Timex TW000U915 Men’s Watch and the Timex TI000U90100 Men’s Watch. For people who are seeking for an anti-investment timepiece, this brand is suitable for you.



Established back in 2012, Naviforce has become one of the best watch manufacturers in China. It is also a famous brand abroad.” Personality & durability” – the design soul of NAVIFORCE has well interpreted the founder’s design philosophy. To challenge the strength and to create a character from its appearance.

Simplicity is the best word for this brand. There isn’t more to these watches, aside from checking the date and time. This brand won’t strain your purse to get a good watch as its prices are comparatively affordable. Apart from the cost, Naviforce also offers durability, quality leather straps, comfort, and moderate design to its users.



The Roadster is one of the brands that manufactures and produces affordable watches. It provides a complete variation of formal, semi-formal, and casual sports watches for men. If you are aiming to have a watch that is inexpensive and suits your need for every occasion, this brand could be your go-to.

The Roadster is well known for its men analog watch that has a blue dial. Here are some of its models: Men Blue Analogue Watch MFB-PN-WTH-S9689G, Men Silver-Toned Analogue Watch MFB-PN-WTH-9720G, Men Navy Blue Analogue Watch MFB-PN-WTH-5845G. You may also check to their website for a lot more variations of their watches.



Titan Company Ltd is an Indian consumer goods company. It is the world’s fifth-largest wrist watchmaker and India’s number one producer of watches. Aside from watches, Titan also ventured the world of eyewear, pieces of jewelry, fragrance, and precision engineering. Apart from the local market, Titan started to manufacture watches for a few reputable international brands over the years.

A few of its best watches are Titan Octane NH9308BM01 Men’s Watch, Titan Neo 1730SL02 Men’s Watch, Titan Karishma NH9151SM02 Men’s Watch, Titan Raga NH2455BM01 Women’s Watch and Titan Purple NF2480SM05 Women’s Watch. This brand is one of India’s top sellers of excellent and affordable watches, according to Watch Shopping.


The Indian watch market for timepieces has grown at a rapid pace in the past few years. Some of them believe that aside from the fact that it tells time, it is also a sign of responsibility. Something about caring about being punctual. It is thought that wearing a watch makes a person more attractive, mainly when being intentionally used as an accessory.

Wristwatches have become an essential part of our lives as human beings. There may be various types of models and designs of these watches, but we should always focus on its primary purpose; to provide accurate time. Styles, prices, and looks may be necessary, but it should not compromise the functionality of these watches.