Thanks to the advancement in science and technology there are so many things that have actually come up in the market which has made the journey of motherhood a lot more simple. Talking of which, today we shall learn more about breast pump and how it can actually help a mother.

It is the breast pump because of which, a mother gets a helping hand. It helps to nurse the baby by storing breast milk; in this way, the baby enjoys all the advantages of breastfeeding even when the mother is not around. This way, it becomes convenient for the mothers to nurse their babies and get their perks of breastfeeding even when they are not around.

If you are all set to know the art of breast pumping then certainly this is the right place where you have landed. As an expectant new mother, you are going to get loaded with ample knowledge about breast pumping and how to use it should not, of course, be the problem.

But if you are going to shop for such type of option for the first time and don’t know how to start with the search then certainly, here you will get answers to all your problems.

A Beginner’s Guide to Breast pump

No doubt that breast pump is important in many ways. Of course, it works as a great reliving solution that allows you to protect against preventing mastitis. It gives your partner a better way to enhance the body with the baby.

There will be an adequate amount of milk supply that is being maintained besides, it lets you focus on other important things as well. Of course, there are many perks of using breast pumping option and frankly, convenience is the primary one.

But if you are planning to buy the breast pumping be it the electric one or the manual one, it all ideally depends on the usage and needs of the mother and the baby. In case, there is any kind of occasion use, it is the manual pump that will serve the purpose. But if the mother has to join the work and baby is not more than 2 months olds then it is an electric pump which is a more convenient option.

Factors such as the effectiveness of a breast pump, suction speed, Cheaper or battery-operated breast pumps; a power source, adjustable suction, and flange size are some of the important factors to be considered.

Whether it is manual, electric, double or single are such questions that are confusing for the beginners. If you have not purchased a pump before then understand that the pump which will mimic the nursing behavior of the baby is the right one.

Best Buy Breast Pumps Online In India

1. Philips Avent Breast Pumps Manual Breast Pump

Philips Avent Breast Pumps Manual Breast Pump

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This is a manual style of breast pump bought to you by the wide range of Philips. It is one of the best technology companies and that is why you can rest assured with the product and service of the baby care range which they bring you. It so far has certainly contributed to improving the lives of the people across the globe over time.

This breast pump is a mother and child care solution. If you are looking forward to buying such a pump then see to it that you compare it with different retailers who sell the baby products.

Key Features:

  • You can sit, relax and let pumping do the job
  • There is velvet soft cushion that increases the flow of the milk
  • It is compact in shape
  • It is light in weight
  • You can express, store and even feed in one
  • There is also a natural nipple for natural latching on

2. R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Breast Pump

R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Breast Pump

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The company has launched this product in the market while considering the need for mother’s milk and the nourishment that it offers to the growth of the child. R for Rabbit with the launch of Manual Breast Pump has certainly proved to be a customer-friendly solution based company.

Such type of pump is designed for smart moms who want to make sure the growth of the baby is uninterrupted. The technology used is to create the mimic of the suction pattern of the child and certainly, it is all safe way to express the milk. It gives more of a natural feel and has the homogenous and soft suction.

Key Features:

  • It is BPA free and has the material that will be delicate for the skin
  • It comes with 4 suction level adjustment
  • It has the most elegant designs and is designed to use it at the manual level
  • There is an anti-back
  • It is unbreakable and portable

3. Syga Manual Breast Pump with Nipple (White)

Syga Manual Breast Pump

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When you start using it, you will realize it is more like a natural solution. The pump is designed for collecting the leaking of the milk while nursing both at the same time but on the other side. It pumps the milk from the breast with the natural pressure.

The pump does not create any kind of sound and has the built-in soft petal silicone-based shaped with trumpet fitting which does not leak at all. It, of course, makes sucking more comfortable and is the best solution to choose from.

Key Features:

  • It has eco-friendly silicone
  • It is BPA free, non-toxic and lead-free solution
  • This product is highly portable and non-breakable
  • It has Ergonomic handle to reduce the grip strength

4. Pigeon Breast Pump Basic Edition – Manual

Pigeon Breast Pump

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Comfort ProperFit Soft Silicone Cushion is known to offer the secured seal and comfortable fitting. It is, of course, the most efficient source of pumping and has 2 phase technology. Talking about the 2 phases, there is stimulation and expression mode.

Generally, the mode of stimulation stimulates the breast for initiating the milk flow. While if you consider the expression mode it maximizes the flow of the milk. The best part is such pumping style is highly customizing and has 7 adjustable suction levels.

Key Features:

  • It comes with an LED monitor for better information display
  • It is BPA free
  • There is an advanced sealing air cushion
  • Pumping is totally adjustable
  • It is a one-hand system
  • You get to do silent pumping

5. Trumom Manual Comfort Baby Breastmilk Breast Pump

Trumom Manual Comfort Baby Breastmilk Breast Pump

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This breast pump solution is another incredible product that is 100% made from food-grade silicone. It is, of course, safe for mommy and baby and you can reuse it as and when required. This pump is basically designed for collecting the leaking milk when you can easily nurse from the other side. You can also use it when you go on a flight trip, hiking, BBQ fishing.

The best part is it is soundless when pumping is being done.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • It is safe for mommy and baby
  • It is a reusable and pain-free option
  • It has a soft and ultra-light design
  • It is highly portable and has a leak-proof design

6. Trumom Elite Electric Breast Feeding Pump (Pink)

Trumom Elite Electric Breast Feeding Pump

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This breastfeeding pump is another answer for your entire baby nursing and care issues. This pump is said to be the most advanced one which you will come across in the market. It has 3 unique phase expression which is designed for faster let-down and even the flow of the milk.

The pump is similar to the baby’s natural nursing rhythms accurately. It also works well on the natural suckling of the baby. This is one comfortable product to use and is pain and leak-free.

Key Features:

  • The product is BPA free and safe for mom and the baby
  • It has a unique 3 expressions that are designed to fast let down of the milk
  • If you compare it with medal swing Truman electric, there are more features like additional massage mode to better milk production and LCD option

7. R for Rabbit Delight Electric Breast Pumps for Mom

R for Rabbit Delight Electric Breast Pumps

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This product is designed to meet the safety standards and ensure that the process stays smooth and easy in the long run. There is also a dual-mode and the message mode with 10 different levels of massage.

This way, it stimulates the milk flow and with 15 different levels of suction more, you get a more comfortable feeling. You can select different power modes with the LCD display.

Key Features:

  • It has Anti Back Flow technology
  • There is a USB that you get
  • It comes with the pattern of Touch Screen

8. LuvLap Electric Breast Pump

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump

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Luvlap brings you a wide range of baby care products that are becoming a need in today’s lifestyle. Now you can actually take care of every single aspect for your younger one right from transporting to feeding and all that in a hygienic manner.

To nurse a baby is now convenient with this electric breast pump solution. The pump is designed for faster and comfortable pumping options and compared to other products; it definitely is worth trying out. With ergonomic design, this product certainly is easy to use and meet all your nursing needs

Key Features:

  • 3 Operating Modes
  • 9 Levels For Each Mode
  • Smart Memory – remembers last usage settings
  • It has 3 Phase Pumping
  • Soft silicone massage ensures better comfort

9. Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

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Philips brings you another wide range of baby and mother care option by the name of Avent Single Electric Breast Pump. Known for uttermost comfort and convenience, needless to say, that it is one fast and easy pumping option that a mother can get.

Besides, considering product safety and hygienic in mind, there is no doubt that it is BPA free and has a single feature with three settings that lets you sit back and even relax even when the pumping doesn’t really work.

There is also a massage cushion that helps in stimulating the flow of the milk with a breast-shaped nipple which also makes it more convenient for the babies to transit between the breast and bottle.

Key Features:

  • There is a breast-shaped teat for natural latching on
  • It is BPA free
  • It has a massage cushion for better stimulation
  • The design is compact yet portable
  • It is light in weight and offers comfortable pumping position
  • You get 2 years of guarantee with it

10. BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA-Free Double Breast Pump

BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA-Free Double Breast Pump

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This breast pump is known for the user fired and cost-friendly solution that you may not find anywhere else. The pump comes with a unique design so that it becomes convenient for the mother to let the milk flow directly from the breast to the bottle even when you sit up straight.

This way, you can sit in a more comfortable manner even when you pump. Besides, you don’t really have to lean forward to ensure that all the milk ends up in the bottle. The best part is this type of product is an extremely hygienic solution and absolutely safe to use.

Key Features:

  • It is designed with Anti-Back Flow to avoid any contamination risk
  • There is a dual-mode that helps in express and stimulation mode
  • It is High temperature resistant and does not contain any harmful substance
  • This double electric breast pump works when the plugging is done all the time
  • It is a more safe solution.

Manual Breast Pumps vs. Electric Breast Pumps

Certainly, when you come across such incredible technology there are ample styles and countless types that you will see. Choosing the right pump can be quite a difficult task. First, you to be clear whether it is the manual breast pump or electric breast pump that would meet your needs.

Manual Breast Pumps

If you will be pumping on an occasional basis, then a manual breast pump can be the perfect one for you. Such type of pumps is small and extremely light in weight. The best part is you can easily pack one in the nappy bag and carry it as and wherever you go.

It is generally 30% lot cheap than that of the electric pump. It is a great source for the mother to have control over the suction and speed of the pump. But the only drawback is the tiredness and weakness which a mom may feel at the time of manual expression and because of which she will not be able to collect the desired milk.

Electric Pumps

These pumps are designed for those mothers who need to pump on a daily basis. If you plan to get back to work soon after the delivery then this is the best option to choose. It allows a mother to express more milk in less span of time. It is also beneficial for the mother who needs to increase her supply of milk.

In this type, there is a new model called double pumping which reduces the pump time needed. However, the only thing is such type of option can be quite noisy and heavy.

Both the models are best at their own place. The model pump, however, is a cost-friendly option over an electric one. While an electric pump, on the other hand, has a good speed which model pump fails to offer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Breast Pump

Do’s of Breast Pump

  • Do express the breast milk each time when you use a pump
  • Do apply some cream to make sure your nipple stays soft once the pumping session is done
  • Do check the reviews to know about the brands and visit the ones that offer the best features
  • Do read all the instructions carefully before you assemble the breast pump for the first time
  • Do clean tour hands and ensure all the pump parts are well sterilized
  • Do ensure that shields of the breast are placed over the areola
  • Do choose the breast pump which is user-friendly
  • Do check the breast shield size that will fit you well
  • Do check the warranty period of the pump

Don’ts of Breast Pump

  • Don’t entirely full the storage bottle with breast milk
  • Don’t use the high level of pumping mode when you use an electric pump
  • Don’t press the shield of the breast too hard against the breast when you pump
  • Don’t worry if there is no breast milk that flows as you pump
  • Do not invest in the breast pump if there is no proper demo shown
  • DO not rent or buy the pump which has already been used
  • Do not get stressed when you use a breast pump.

Health Benefits to Breast pump

There are so many advantages of breast pumps for mothers and babies. They are also the perfect option for the mother who is not able to breastfeed for different reasons but still can make it possible to provide their little one breast milk and avoid switching to the formula. Listed are some of the health benefits of breast pump:

Feed timings stay in control

There are many caregivers and mothers for whom it becomes convenient to schedule the feeding timing for the baby. This way they have more control over the feeds. That is how the pumping and feeding schedule becomes more organized and free up time.

The work for Busy Moms becomes simple

For those working moms, pump milk can be a blessing. It leaves the mothers with the option of bottle feeding the baby during day time. It also lets the mom get some more time to have their own workout time, meet friends and even pamper themselves.

The supply can be increased

When it is pumping after the breastfeeding done, then it increases the supply of the milk. Other than this, it also helps you keep a milk stash ready so that mothers who deal with less supply of the milk can feed their child.

Pain reliever

Yes, you have read it write. It can be a pain reliever from engorgement. When the breast of the mother is totally full and engorged with breast milk, it becomes convenient for her to use a breast pump in expressing the milk so that pain gets absolutely relived.

Works through the medical conditions

Whether it is the mother or the baby has any major or less serious medical condition that prevents breastfeeding, then this breast pumping option and bottle feeding can be a great alternative help.

Uses of Breastfeeding Pumps

  • It lest mother get a better sleep
  • You can use it to schedule the time of the baby
  • The supplementing feedings with infant formula can be avoided
  • It lets dad or other family members feed the baby
  • For an adopted baby, it works as an Induce lactation
  • It can be used as an emergency supply.
  • The donation of extra milk to a milk bank is possible

Side Effects of Breastfeeding Pumps

Even if, breast pumps let the mothers get as much convenience of feeding their babies in maximum possible manner when they are not around, to use the breast pumps can have its own side effects or say drawbacks which a new mom needs to know.

  • It reduces milk supply
  • Storing it Depletes Nutrients of Breast Milk
  • There is a Painful Engorgement and excess let down
  • There is a Repetitive Cycle of Washing Bottles

Risk of Breastfeeding Pumps

  • It can cause breast tissue damage and even nipple damage
  • Often baby gets confused with bottle and breast
  • The contamination risk is high
  • Risk of Baby’s Teeth to Decay is more

Bottom line

The best part about manual pumps is it is the most portable option while the electrical pump is designed to be quick over a manual one. There is a test that can help you understand how easily the pump would fit the standard size of the tote. There are some pumps that are designed for on the go’ moms while some have to carry bags options as well.

When you choose a breast pump, you need to choose the one that has variable speed and the different options of suction. This way, it would help the mothers to regulate the same as per her comfort and sucking pattern of the baby.

Breast pumps, of course, have made life a lot simpler for mothers around the world. The convenience to pump the breast milk and store it for later use has literally let mothers get back to their return.