Sound Bar is a high-quality sound system that is much better than the standard speaker’s built-in TV. With them, you can experience your music and movies on the TV in a way sounder way. Most of the Sound Bars have stereo and surround audio, while many of them have a separate subwoofer too.

Soundbars make it more ideal if you want to achieve a minimalist look with a complete surround sound experience. If you’re looking for a soundbar system that includes a subwoofer then it is best to check out this link here

For the best music experience, you should try Sound Bars with Dolby Atmos. Most of the soundbar models that cost about 37,000 rupees or 500 US dollars have Dolby Atmos and other advanced technology (see this list for examples). However, some cheaper soundbars have such features as well.

There are many brands that are producing Sound Bars, and in this article, we are going to present you some of the best at a reasonable cost that is not more than 10,000 Indian rupees.

1. Panasonic HT-20 2.1

Panasonic HT-20 2.1


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These soundbars from Panasonic have adequate sound quality. Also, with the two speakers, there is also an external subwoofer. The design is great, and this system fits with some widescreen TV perfectly.

Besides the sophisticated design, this 2.1 system also has some great characteristics when it comes to sound quality. The strength of the speakers is 60 W, and there is the 3.5mm audio jack, which means that you can connect the system to various devices, like a smartphone or tablet.

The only disadvantage is that there is no Bluetooth connection, and also there is no screen on this system. The lack of display and Bluetooth is compensated with the great quality of sound. The price is around 5,000 Indian rupees

2. TaoTronics Sound Bar

TaoTronics Sound Bar


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The TT-SK15 is a Bluetooth Audio system from the Chinese company TaoTronics. The package only includes the analog RCA cable, so you will have to buy other cables. The system is very easy to install, and the remote control that comes with it is simple for use.

The TaoTronics system gives you a perfect room ambient while you are watching some movie, and the music also doesn`t sound any worse. The strength of the speakers is 50 W. You can connect any device with Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack. The only disadvantage is that there are no USB or SD card slots. The price of this system is 7,000 Indian rupees.

3. Philips 3.1 Audio System

Philips 3.1 Audio System

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This system is the latest innovation from Phillips, and the best part is that music through a Bluetooth connection actually sounds better than with the 3.5 audio jack. Everything about this sound system is near perfect, especially the design.

Also, there is a small display that shows on the woofer. The strength of the speakers is 60 W. The system includes the remote controller and USB support. The only thing that should be improved is the quality of Bluetooth connection, which should allow you to be more distant. The price is 6,000 Indian rupees.

4. F&D IT180 Bluetooth Soundbar

F&D IT180 Bluetooth Sound bar


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These speakers are perfect for your PC, or laptop, especially if you are a gamer because it has perfectly balanced bass and treble for the effects. The music on this system is also great, and the only disadvantage is the lack of a separate subwoofer. The main feature is connectivity.

There is Bluetooth support, USB port, RCA analog input, and the 3.5mm audio jack. Even with the lack of a subwoofer, the speakers give you clear bass. The price is 5,000 Indian rupees.

5. Envent Horizon 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar

Envent Horizon 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar

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This 2.1 system has every characteristic of a proper Bluetooth speaker. The strength is 60 W and subwoofer is producing great quality bass in the background. Besides the wireless connectivity, there is also an AUX, USB port, SD card slot, and the 3.5mm audio jack.

Also, the interesting part is that you can mount the soundbars on the wall easily. The price of this system is 4,200 Indian rupees.

6. JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Sound Bar

JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Sound Bar

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JBL is a well-known brand in the world of sound systems. The wireless soundbar from this company is one of the best on the market. This 2.0 system is perfect for a smaller room. Even there is no external subwoofer, the quality of sound is still on an enviable level.

JBL speaker is indescribably better from the built-in speaker on TV. The strength is 30 W, and besides the wireless connectivity, there is also the USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack.

If you don`t need a home theatre or a 2.1, or 5.1 sound system, this well-designed soundbar is perfect for you. The price of the JBL Wireless Sound Bar is 8,000 Indian rupees.