So you wish to study more about virtual currency and blockchain technology but are unable to discover the ideal podcast to tune in to? If it is your dilemma, you have come to the perfect spot!

Podcasts are a wonderful source of material for people desiring to expand their understanding of the crypto sphere. The most pleasing thing about these quick, fun, and knowledgeable audio files is you can hear them from anywhere and anytime you want while maintaining pace with the recent movements and affairs in the crypto world.

But, since not all Bitcoin trading podcasts are worth investing your energy in, we have prepared a shortlist of the finest ones to hear. These programs are worth hearing about, irrespective of whether you are just beginning dealing in digital currencies or are in the trading business for years.

The Money Movement


Jeremy Allaire understands that the universal economy is undergoing an uncoordinated revolution, and it is vital to let the population informed about it. Through the weekly, engaging, and informative program, he shares knowledge about the latest composition of the world economy, virtual tokens, and blockchain.

Presented by Circle, The Money Movement show analyzes and narrates the thoughts and prospects propelling the virtual token. If you wish to expand your knowledge concerning the world economy and the virtual token market, give this program a chance.

Stephan Livera


If you want to enhance your understanding of Bitcoin, Stephan Livera’s program is just what you need. According to several listeners, it is among the finest sources of knowledge on cryptocurrency-related matters, such as mining, investing, lightning, economic theory, and nodes. This show helps people create a stable base to understand the working of BTC and the tech backing it.

Through his engaging and fun episodes, Stephan Livera, Managing Director of Swan Bitcoin International, converts complicated concepts and technical phrases into an amateur-friendly language. By questioning the most brilliant economic and mechanical people in the BTC market, he helps the listeners comprehend how money is growing.

The Pomp


Presented by Anthony Pompliano, an entrepreneur and dealer, The Pomp program addresses fascinating individuals in business, finance, and Bitcoin. You can enjoy hearing the thirty-minute-long audios on Apple and Spotify to become brilliant each day while enhancing your understanding of economics, banking, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Pomp presents an intriguing matter for the audience appealed to learning about the fate of digital coins, forming a fintech firm, and the finest investment techniques while warding off frauds. You may also look at the crypto newsletter, Off the Chain, by The Pomp founder.



This BTC trading program is the OG of virtual token shows since 2013, helping investors comprehend virtual tokens and blockchain even before they were in vogue. Every week, the program interviews various industry chiefs, architects, and executives to bring in a diversified scope of theories and opinions.

You can join the program with tens of thousands of diverse listeners every week to study and analyze the problems in the blockchain industry. It also aids you in exploring the scientific, monetary, and social ramifications by questioning many creators and builders.

CoinDesk Podcast Network


Presented by Nathaniel Whittemore, this podcast includes a series of different programs, comprising The Breakdown and SOB (Speaking of Bitcoin). If you want to invest your funds in the virtual token market, hearing this podcast might aid you in getting a deeper insight.

For the last eight years, the program creators have covered a range of subjects to expand the understanding of BTC among the audience. It does not matter whether you want to learn about trading, macroeconomics, crypto space, token metrics, geopolitics, general power change, or analysis because everything is discussed in this show.

Tales from the Crypt


There used to be an HBO horror show of the same name, from the late eighties to early nineties. But Marty Bent cleverly reused the name to begin a show where he converses with the audience, discussing everything about Bitcoin and many other virtual currencies. It may not seem like a curious replica, but once you listen to it, you will get hooked.

The show creators present the episodes in spades, comprising many subjects, including BTC nodes, trade-offs, program authorizations, monetization, and node projects. The energetic voice and engaging spirit of Marty Bent keep the audience waiting every week for a new episode. On Rabbit Hole Recap, the audience may attend to a short review of a chapter.

Crypto News Alerts | Daily Bitcoin (BTC) & Cryptocurrency News


Crypto News Alerts is the perfect destination for listening to Bitcoin and Crypto reports broadcasted seven days a week. Presented by Justin Verrengia, here you can find the recent and premium content relating to all types of cryptocurrencies. Each chapter of this program is around 25 minutes long ‌you can appreciate hearing on both Apple and Spotify.

Whether you have just started dealing in the online coin market or are an experienced dealer, this Bitcoin trading podcast will come in handy throughout your trading journey.

What Bitcoin Did


If you are considering stepping into the BTC market and expanding your knowledge concerning blockchain technology, this show is a fine place to begin. If you have been hearing it from the beginning, you can notice growth in McCormack’s programs. Although the initial chapters addressed the core issues of digital currencies, subsequent chapters are sophisticated.

This program is helpful for novice traders curious to understand the virtual token market and its technology. The audience can also find Bitcoin experts supporting various chapters from a level angle. Trustpedia is the go-to place to master the art of dealing in virtual currencies.

Final Thoughts

You can find many podcasts concerning virtual tokens on Apple and Spotify to enjoy hearing whenever you are free to enhance your knowledge. While some are especially helpful for novice dealers, some are for digital currency fanatics who know the virtual token market well.

We hope our checklist caters to the demands of a broader public and help them in the course of the digital currency sphere.