Have you also bumped into random things in the middle of the night, trying to go to the bathroom? Imagine having to go to the toilet in the complete dark; it sure is an expedition itself. How nice would it be, having something that indicates where the bathroom is while maintaining the dark. The bright lock is a high-tech illuminated doorknob that fulfills its purpose of being a guide in the night. The bright lock contains lab tested LEDs which have the ability to light your path without waking up your partner subtly.

The bright lock is tremendous because it allows customizable settings. Depending upon your personal preference, you can adjust the light intensity of the bright lock. You can increase or decrease the brightness according to your needs. It also comes in six very funky and cool colors; the colors are blue, red, purple, pink, green, and white. You can pick your favorite color or your partner’s favorite color. When the knob in no illuminated, it matches the overall theme of your room. It merges with the décor due to its neutral color.

Now you may be wondering, what does the doorknob remain illuminated throughout the night? The answer is no, it does not stay lit throughout the night. But, it has the sensitivity of the motion sensor, so as soon as it senses motion, it lights up, allowing you to see your path. When the motion is not detected, this illuminated doorknob remains on the sleep mode so you can sleep comfortably in the dark, and it also saves the battery. It has a range of 7 feet.

Some of the benefits of the bright lock are:

  • The brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted.
  • The bright lock has an innovative yet functional design.
  • The light sensor makes sure that the light turns on, only when motion is detected.
  • It provides you a subtle light with which you can reach your destination without any hassle.

The duration in which the doorknob remains illuminated is 45 seconds; within this time, you can easily reach your destination. So now, you will surely not get your toes smashed to the dressing table, and you will also not get your knees hurt by a table or any other object. Waking up in the middle of the night and finding your path has become way easier with the help of the bright lock, high tech illuminated doorknob.

Since the bright lock remains at the sleep mode throughout the night unless any motion is detected. Due to this reason, you will not have to invest in batteries because the batteries will last for a while. You might be thinking that it is difficult to install this doorknob because it seems complex; however, it is super easy to install. All you will need are the common tools that you might need to install an ordinary doorknob. It doesn’t require any extra effort or tools to be installed.

Illuminates are still in need of $100,000 to increase the manufacturing of this fantastic doorknob. Tooling and manufacturing, updated design, and marketing strategies need these funds to be implemented practically in full potential.

The idea of the bright lock was born in 2016, in May of 2016, the first PCB was created, in June, the first custom housing was built for PCB. In 2017, the prototype was created, and later in the same year, it was filed for patent. In 2018, a CNC prototype was created, and later this year; the prototype was redefined. And finally, in 2019, the patent was granted.

Christopher Noeldner, from KickStarter is the founder of this amazing doorknob. He has a degree in Business Administration. One night he saw his wife bumping into everything that came in her way while she was going to the bathroom. This gave him the motivation to make something as a guide at night with which people won’t have to bump into objects.

If you also want to stop bumping into objects at night, then make sure that you donate some money for a bright lock. Your donation will help a lot, and then it will be created in higher quantities.