Majority of people have heard or come across Virtual Private Network (VPN). Most people know VPN enables internet users to browse anonymously or gain access to restricted sites. However, not many are aware of the other numerous benefits of VPN to startups and businesses in general. One of the most important reasons a startup requires a VPN is to enhance internet security. A VPN network provides an additional layer of safety, privacy, and security when conducting business online.

For a startup to realize growth, it requires a formidable online presence, which should cut across geographical and internet boundaries. A VPN enables entrepreneurs to connect with potential clients and opportunities worldwide. It allows you to bypass online restrictions that may be put in place by governments, organizations or specific websites. This is made possible by the following VPN features;

  • Hiding your IP address
  • Data transfers over public Wi-Fi are encrypted
  • Hiding your geographical location
  • Access to blocked websites

Here are other ways that a business startup can derive maximum benefits from a VPN:


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Small businesses and startups tend to have a misconception that online security is only for established businesses, governments, and large organizations. Research shows that 60% of sites most prone to hackers belong to startups and small businesses.

This is because they tend to have low levels of online security, which makes them a soft target. VPN prevents the theft of sensitive data, guarantees security when transferring data, and provides privacy when communicating with clients and employees regardless of their location, or yours.

Cyber theft can be an expensive affair for startups as hackers hold on to the data for ransom. This is a situation an entrepreneur can avoid by installing VPN. When installed in multiple devices, VPN provides a secure connection in spite of your location, or the sensitivity of the data you need to transfer.


Cybersecurity for a startup can be a costly undertaking. Most startup businesses operate on small budgets that cater to basic expenses and try as much as possible to cut down on unnecessary spending. A VPN is the cheapest available cybersecurity option currently and provides the best option for startups. You are guaranteed to find a VPN to suit every budget.

To boost a startup’s profile, it is crucial to avoid compromising personal, client and company information. The privacy of your data should be protected at all costs. A startup’s reputation can suffer irreparable damage in the event sensitive information leaks or falls into the wrong hands. The business will be over even before it has begun.

Unlimited Access

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There are different levels of internet restrictions in some countries owing to various laws. The internet provides a treasure trove of information required by a startup for research, marketing, growth, and other purposes. In countries where non-locals are restricted to access certain sites, a VPN will open up such sites and bypass filters and give you a free pass to the information you need.

This feature provides an entry into restricted markets to grow your startup. It also gives you a rare insight into the market demands, client preferences, behaviors, and tastes among other useful information; and enables you to trade like a local.

Not all VPN’s provide access to every country. Click here to check out the India VPN server, and you can rest assured that you will gain access to the countries you intend to pursue your business interests.


Most startups do not operate from an office or fixed address. Such privileges come later when the business is able to stand on its own two feet. This means, an entrepreneur can work from any available location; it could be from home, a cafe, the park, a friend’s house among other places.

A VPN enables you to work from anywhere and protects you from potential data breaches when using public Wi-Fi. It also gives you a choice to avoid public hotspots as long as your software is saved on the cloud.

Additionally, most VPN service providers have a logging feature that enables you to access your business data from anywhere. You can also see what your employees are accessing with VPN and for what purposes.

Business Management

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Startups employ quite a number of contract workers and freelancers. Majority of those who do not stay long enough to become permanent employees for various reasons. There is always the danger of a former mischievous employee continuing to gain access to personal and company data without authorization. A VPN eliminates that possibility, as it gives you total control on who to grant or deny access to your company’s information.

As your business grows, clients and employees can be managed with ease. A feature known as a VPN manager allows you to create different servers for employees and clients. In this way, communication channels between clients and employees are separated for privacy, convenient management, and easy follow-up.

Also, within this feature, client and employee access can be authenticated to prevent impostors. These are some extras VPN service providers can avail.

Improved Output

Once a VPN network is installed, it automatically increases network speeds on computers. This enhances efficiency and reduces the time taken to perform certain tasks like downloading large files, which, in turn, increases productivity levels.

When tasks are performed faster, it enables you and the employees to concentrate on other important areas to accelerate growth. Also, in case your business is located in an area with a poor internet connection, installing a VPN will strengthen a weak signal considerably.

If you plan to boost your startup and take it to the next level, you need a commanding online presence to attract business. Most importantly, your data requires adequate, affordable and reliable security from the countless risks that abound on the internet. A VPN will provide all that and also give you, your employees and stakeholder’s total control, privacy, anonymity and bring down the barriers of accessibility.

The kind of security a VPN provides will guarantee peace of mind and allow you to grow your business. It will also ensure that you make the most of the useful information online to improve, market and connect with potential markets.