Bitcoin has become one of the most profitable ways to invest in a short period of time. Ever since it was created back in 2008, the digital currency has been growing almost constantly. Let’s just remember the beginnings of bitcoin, when its value was $ 0.03 and it was thought that it would be successful if it managed to equalize with the US dollar. Although there were many doubts, this cryptocurrency managed to surpass the value of the dollar, and its current value is an incredible $ 40,000!

Although there is a risk in this, as well as in any other investment, people all over the world, including India, are increasingly accepting it as a chance to earn extra money for themselves and their families.

Buying bitcoin itself is very simple and can be done in several ways. However, they are most popular through bitcoin exchange offices and ATMs. If they have a choice, investors prefer to use them for ATMs, because they have to leave their personal data and bank card number in the exchange offices, while at the ATM it is enough to pull the card, choose the amount of bitcoin you want to buy and the job is done. The digital money you buy goes into the digital wallet that you provided earlier.

A digital wallet is a place where you store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Today there are several types of wallets, and their main division is into cold and hot. Although many opt for so-called hot wallets because they are cheap and even free, we will say that cold wallets are far safer and more reliable because the money is stored on hardware, and does not require internet access, which money immediately goes directly to hacker attacks.

With bitcoin today you can do almost the same as with regular money. Many companies accept it as a means of payment, and some have gone a step further and pay salaries to workers in this currency.

When we talk about ways to earn cryptocurrencies, we will say that there are two – trading and mining. Although it is up to each of the investors to choose what suits them best, trading is considered to be a more common option for those who have no experience in this field, especially since today there are many mobile applications that make it much easier given that their work based on artificial intelligence that is able to monitor the market situation, notice changes, and reacts quickly, ie send a message to the person who uses it. You can learn more about it if you visit

On the other hand, we have mining, which is a bit more complex and long-lasting. To survive in the game, you have to join one of the mining pools, as well as be patient and ready for dizzyingly large electricity bills.

What is “Cash Out”?


Cash-out is a term for payment, ie changing crypto tokens or coins into traditional ones. Given that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and prone to frequent changes, ie raising and falling its value, investors opt for a payout, which is still much more common in cases where bitcoin has significantly appreciated, which has benefited investors. Now is the time to convert cryptocurrencies into real money and enjoy it!

So, you tried to invest, you were patient, you made money. What’s next? How can the payment be made?

Bitcoin ATM


It may not be the happiest solution when it comes to enormous sums, but you can still try. Before that, be sure to call security to monitor the payment, and prepare a large bag. Remember scenes from American movies when money is carried in suitcases or bags? Maybe you are just experiencing it!



OTC (over-the-counter) could be said to be one of the most common ways to monetize bitcoin. An OTC transaction occurs when a private buyer and a private seller are interconnected to facilitate exchange. The broker acts as a trusted broker who first receives funds and Bitcoin so that neither party takes advantage. When an intermediary receives deposits from either party, they facilitate departure. However, it may happen that the amount you want to redeem exceeds the allowed daily payout limit, which means that you may have to try the same the next day.

Using an Exchange


In exchange offices, you can exchange bitcoins for the desired currency, but with one drawback – the ratio of BTC and fiat currency is very different compared to other types of payments. The difference is in favor of the exchange office, of course.



What we can say about this payment method is that it is very similar to OTC, with one difference – you do not need a BTC broker, but you sell bitcoins yourself. To dare to take this step, you must trust the other party, that they will not deceive you. This type of transaction is reliable if done on the recommendation of a tax lawyer.

How to money large quantities of bitcoin on the stock exchange


You will first need to select a crypto exchange that trades in fiat currency. You must sign up for an account if you do not already have one and confirm it to the level required to raise the desired amount of money. You can even choose not to settle for just one of these exchanges, but rather split your bitcoins between two or more of them and withdraw from all exchanges at the same time. Once everything is set up and ready to work, send your bitcoins to your wallet. Once there, withdraw the desired amount to your bank account and wait for the funds to show up. Keep in mind that it will take one to five days for the funds to be available.

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrencies are the digital gold of today. An increasing number of people are opting for this investment. Of course, you need to be wise and patient. The best advice someone can give you is to start investing as soon as possible but to invest only as much as you are willing to lose.