Colored contact lenses are more popular than ever nowadays, but despite this, a number of myths remain prevalent. The problem is, many people are actually put off purchasing contact lenses simply because they believe the plethora of myths out there. In this article, you are going to learn a little about some of the myths surrounding colored lenses and why they simply aren’t true.

Lenses will get lost behind the eye


This is one of the more extreme of the myths out there, and yet there are still plenty of people that believe it. It is physically impossible that your colored contact lenses will end up getting lost behind your eye, even if they do somehow manage to work themselves loose. This is because there is a thin membrane in your eye which connects your eyelids to your eye. This membrane is completely impenetrable by the contact lens, so don’t worry about it getting lost in there, it simply is not going to happen under any circumstances.

Wearing a Contact Lens is Uncomfortable

Again, this is an incredibly popular myth. There is an element of truth in this, however. Yes, contact lenses are going to be uncomfortable as soon as you start wearing them. After all, you are going to be putting something into your eye which is completely unnatural. Contrary to popular belief, the discomfort wears away pretty quickly. In fact, quite soon after receiving your colored contact lenses you will find that the discomfort disappears and you won’t even realize that you are wearing most of the time.

Contact Lenses get stuck in the eye


This is similar to the first point. Contrary to popular belief, there is absolutely no way that your contact lenses are going to ‘fuse’ to your eye never to get them out again. It is again a physical impossibility. You will ALWAYS be able to remove the contact lens, no matter how long you leave it in for.

Contact Lenses can pop out of the eye during the day


Yes, this is something that happened in the past. In fact, you were often prone to getting home and finding that one of your contact lenses was missing, never to be seen again. This doesn’t happen nowadays. Lenses are manufactured in a completely different way which means that they will stay in place until you choose to remove them.

Contact Lenses are difficult to put in and remove

Again, this is something that is completely not true. Putting in colored contact lenses is remarkably easy. You may struggle to start with to be fair, but once you become much more confident in the removal you will quickly realize that it is something simple to do. If you are really worried then it is possible to talk to your optician who will be able to tell you how to remove and insert your contact lenses. After a couple of removals, it will be easy.

Contact Lenses Can Damage the Eye


This is a bit of a half-truth. In 2005 legislation was brought into the United Kingdom to help combat this somewhat. Truth be told, as long as you purchase contact lenses from a reputable company who can trace the quality of the lenses that they have on offer then there is going to be absolutely no damaging effect on your eye. However, if you purchase from a sub-par company then it could end up causing serious damage, and that may even lead to you losing an eye! Therefore you will always want to check out a company before you make a purchase. For a start, you should ensure that they are based in the United Kingdom where the rules surrounding contact lenses are tightly controlled.

Coloured Contact Lenses are only for those with eye problems

This is another complete myth. There are plenty of companies out there nowadays who offer colored contact lenses for purely cosmetic reasons. This means that they are not set-up to correct eye problems. These tend to be a great deal cheaper, although of course you do need to be aware that you don’t leave the contact lenses in at all times because this can be detrimental to your eye health, although the same can be said for those that are going to be using their contact lens to correct eye issues. You can find more information on this website.