What is content marketing?

It is a marketing method where you develop strategies and creates your content in such a way that the content itself sells your brand. It is successful if your content can grab the attention of a particular targeted audience. 

The most important thing is to post valuable, relevant content with consistency. Your texts can be anything. It can be a written blog or a YouTube video or any form of media. Your content needs to be informative and distinct. 

How does content marketing work?

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There are several content marketing strategies. Once your brand starts using them, it increases engagement and traffic. Companies are ready to invest heavily in a good content writing company that can set their content apart. In exchange, it brings huge sales and revenue to the company.

India is among the top countries for marketing in the world. India offers lucrative positions for a content marketer, and India’s market has shown substantial growth in content marketing across various industries.

Marketing trends in India

There are specific trends in India that have shown promising results, and every business establishment must utilize these content marketing strategies to stay ahead in the game: 

1. Interactive material

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Before moving any further into this discussion, you must remember the most crucial aspect of content marketing. The material must be written for a targeted audience. So you must know about your audience’s likes, dislikes, and behaviors if you want to connect and interact with them.

Interaction is a great way to lure potential customers to your brand’s website. You must treat your audience as your friends. In a country like India, people value personal relationships, and you can successfully connect with your audience through personal interactions. 

You can interact in several ways: 

  • You can encourage customers to leave comments.
  • You can reply to these comments.
  • You can ask customers for their feedback.

You can conduct polls or quizzes to learn what your audience thinks of your brand. You can include funky animations and games to make them stay. You can genuinely benefit from it if you are consistent.

Your strategies depend on how you make your audience feel because that will leave an impression on them. Numerous content marketing companies help in curating effective strategies for a business. Click here to know more.

2. Short video trends

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This year has witnessed the rise of videos on social media platforms. Short videos of about 15 to 30 seconds have gained immense popularity. Apps like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and many more have been trending for quite some time.

As people try to gather more information in less time, this opportunity can be utilized by brands and content creators to promote their brands and leave a good impression on potential customers in just a few seconds.

It is the era of 4G, and everyone is accustomed to speed. Customers don’t appreciate long content. They want to know instantly what your product does and how it is going to help them. No one can deny the rise of these social media platforms in India. India is flooded with such content, and the customers love it.

3. Optimizing material for voice search

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India is rapidly grown as a leading tech user in the world. Many people have started using 4G services via smartphones. Voice search has become one of the most popular ways to search for anything on the internet. 

India’s youngsters are accustomed to using voice search while working, and the older generation finds it easier than typing on small screens. Hence, the importance of voice search optimization is undeniable.

4. Chat Bots

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These can be a game-changer since ChatBots enable your audience to find solutions to their queries almost instantaneously.

Have you visited a website where a message box appears asking you to enter your queries? Well, these are ChatBots, which are pre-programmed to receive the questions of the majority of audiences.

It has been estimated that around 85% of the product conversation or interaction will be made via ChatBots shortly.

5. Augmented Reality

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Recently, 4G has taken India’s markets by storm, and everyone wants to take advantage of this to improve customer engagement. High-speed internet is a gateway for creative content, and the time is ripe for AR or Augmented Reality to flourish.

Augmented Reality can be used in multiple ways to change experiences across diverse sectors. This can be for any website, brand, education, entertainment, and many more.

Facebook introduced Spark AR, which allows Facebook and Instagram users to create filters and upload them online. Other users can then save these and use them in their stories. Facebook has successfully gained popularity with this launch. Google has also launched Google Lens, an image recognition technology that uses the ‘point and shoots’ feature to display relevant search results. 

Companies like these have set a great example to show us the AR’s potential in the near future. People are becoming more interested in using their gadgets and AR together to experience content.

6. Artificial Intelligence

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While talking about the future, AI or Artificial Intelligence cannot be forgotten. We have already started using AI in various ways.

Many brands have started using the power of AI in this era. They utilize their first-party data for this purpose. First-party data enables the company to receive direct customer feedback.

Have you ever come across an ad on YouTube asking you to rank or choose among brands? The data is processed and utilized to increase audience interaction.

AI is immensely reliable since the information it gives is unfiltered, specific, and relevant. This helps companies build an audience profile that is an accurate match with the product or service in issue. Moreover, it is free and transparent.

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest weapon now. It directly tells you your target audience’s needs and provides deep, and often overlooked, insights.

These trends are quite relevant outside India as well. You should incorporate new trends in content marketing to your own marketing strategies. Every business in India must adopt these trends and utilize it to its full potential.