Are you someone who is trying to get into cryptos, or are you already a pro when it comes to trading? The truth is that cryptocurrency is fast gaining ground, as well as an exciting move for most investors worldwide. However and as you probably know, India has had its fair share of bans in the past when it comes to BTC. If you live in India and you’re considering investing in cryptocurrencies, you want to be sure you are not breaking any law or regulations, right? This also applies to crypto bots. Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it.

So, are cryptocurrencies legal?

No country can control cryptos, which makes them decentralized and available to the rest of the world within a couple of minutes and with just a few clicks. They are not issued by the central bank of the country (in this case, it all comes down to the Reserve Bank of India). No laws can prohibit or allow trading crypto (at the moment), which is why everyone can use them across the world. This same reasoning applies to trading bots.

Can crypto be a valid currency in India?

At the moment you can’t pay with cryptocurrency to buy and sell anything in India, while in the US it is an entirely different story. Since the process of obtaining crypto is complex and decentralized, everything is coded and of a high standard. When it comes to trading bots you should know that they are legal, but only a select type and amount of people (mostly brokers) tend to use them.

Trading bots have been used for a faster and more convenient workflow, allowing you to focus on other tasks or work in your home. The truth is that crypto trading bots enable efficient trade based on trends and data that they’ve gathered. Thanks to their complex algorithm and emotion-free approach you are left with the best possible outcome for your bankroll and investments.

How can you avoid scams when trading with bots?

If you chose the wrong trading bot you can experience some downfalls and setbacks with the trading process, but also to your wallet. Scams tend to happen. To avoid them make sure that you:

  1. A) Don’t trust anyone easily – you shouldn’t share or give out personal private Keys, API keys, or any other bits of information. You don’t want to risk having your account hacked by skilled hackers out there.
  1. B) Turn-key solutions shouldn’t be to engage with – don’t trust unrealistic promises that seem too good to be true and that can’t be realistic.
  1. C) Black boxes – you shouldn’t go around purchasing anything presented to you as a trading bot. Black boxes are something to be aware of and on the lookout for.

What are the best Bitcoin and Altcoin trading bots?

1. Bitsgap


From powerful trading bots to smart orders, Bitsgap gives you an advantage in the fast-changing world of crypto trading. It has almost 4 million bots and 500k+ traders worldwide. Its stats are impressive since the platform analyzes more than 10,000 cryptos and enables the creation of a trading strategy from anywhere globally. You can make a trade and analyze the work of your bots 24/7. Before you commit to the process you can test out these bots and see how they can maximize your profits.

2. Cryptohopper


Have you ever heard of Cryptohopper before? If not it may be because it is relatively new and not as popular as all the other options. The truth is that it is one of the best trading bots platforms as it enables a user to manage all their crypto exchanges under one platform. This means that you can freely use and trade Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many more. Your information will always stay safe thanks to their developed and high-quality security setup.

3. Quadency


This digital asset trader is used as a crypto bot to successfully manage and provide you with trading solutions for institutions and retail traders. All of its users will enjoy the fact that they can get to streamline the process of their cryptocurrencies. You can also have a say in it and customize the program and your bots per your wishes and preference. If anything goes south or if you end up struggling with a fact of some sort you can always get in touch with their customer support.

4. Pionex


You might enjoy it since it holds 12 trading bots that users can trade 24/7, but you don’t have to pre-check the market and see how it’s going. Pionex is safe, fast & secure. You will also enjoy its low and affordable fees since it allows you to be aware of when to buy low and when to sell high. You can use Pionex on your Android or IOS, and enjoy its phenomenal performance, especially when it comes to BTC.

5. Coinrule


With the help of Coinrule, one can easily work and trade Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and other major platforms. Those who prefer variety will find it in this solution. All of its users will enjoy customer service which allows an investor to test its efficiency through past performance data. By looking at their past experience and current data, you will easily make the right decision. You will also enjoy its market indicator that makes trading very easy.

Ready to start trading and want to give it a go with crypto bots?

All of this sounds appealing and interesting to you? If that is the case you should try to invest and be smart with your trading bots and cryptocurrencies in general. The truth is that anyone can succeed in this process, all it takes is a bit of your time and the right trading platform to see the results. Go for a source you trust and let the bot do the process for you, no matter where in the world you may be!