Indian textile industry claims to be one of the largest employment generating industry after agriculture.  Its contribution to the industrial output is more than 7% and around 15% of the nation’s export earnings.

There are numerous well establishes textile companies that have been founded for decades and some for even centuries. Arvind Mills, Vardhman, Raymonds and Bombay Dyeing being few impacting ones.

Late back then, creating your company’s online presence was not at all even though for since the customers themselves were not internet savvy. But with changing trends and lifestyle digital market has taken over the stage.

For those planning a startup or have already established a textile company, they must own a website with an ideal domain name. As it’s through this digital channel, that you’ll be reaching a large number of individuals.

Domain name Suggestions for Textile Industry


Domain or in simple terms your website name will represent who you are or what is your brand name.  Working on the actual domain name will involve your smart and creative thoughts. In this post, we will basically guide you with the tips and ideas you can keep in mind while making your perfect domain name selection.

Pick up the right keyword

There are ample of suggestions for the domain name concerning the textile sector. Moreover, you need to compete with the already well-established ones.  For building your brand name, it’s recommended that you generate a unique and effective domain name that will stir an interest in the audience and will make them access your website for more.

Go for the apt extensions


Unlike the yesteryears where .com or .net were the only prevailing extensions, today there is an extension or top-level domain for literally everything.  Let’s explore how wide the options can be and what’s there for you in the extension platter.

The textile industry that’s going global

  • trade
  • international
  • global
  • world

Textile industry offering huge discounts and offer

  • discount
  • cheap
  • bargains
  • deals
  • sale

Textile industry dealing with the fashion sector

  • fashion
  • design
  • art
  • style
  • cool
  • love

Textile industry offering value-added products

  • store
  • gifts
  • boutique
  • shop


The above extensions work great with your secondary domains, say whenever you launch an offer or go for a clearance sale. These domains can be then forwarded to your main or primary domain that resembles your company’s website. Also, use the domain names and extensions in a nicely blended way to make it more impactful. For example, or Do direct these domains to your actual business name.

Whether small scale textile business or a large industry, apart from your craftsmanship and potential equipment, you need to launch your textile industry in the outer world for its successful growth and expansion.

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