Two or three months of standby is an unforgivable time loss for the learning process. Failure to maintain one’s knowledge by gaining new skills may result in a decrease in the quality of learning. Today’s situation is quite a big challenge for the education system, and we all should learn a lesson from it.

2020 is continuing to be quite a year. Educators and students throughout the world have started taking distance learning solutions seriously. Since the lockdown measures were put in place all over India, lots of people have started looking for courses. Educational opportunities to keep up with their school programs.

Education specialists from all agree that online education is the promise of the future. The earlier you get adjusted to it, the better. In this article, we are going to list several most widely used educational platforms in India. They can help students gain high-quality knowledge at a reasonable price.


For tech savvies out there, wouldn’t you love to have one platform that you could use to learn all the latest tools and technologies? Intellipaat is an e-learning institute that aims to do just that. Intellipaat has a plethora of courses including those in Intellipaat AWS, Data Science, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Tableau, Power BI, and AWS other popular and in-demand tools and technologies, keeping in mind the current market requirements.

They offer courses that are not only for beginners and graduates but also for professionals aiming to upskill themselves. Unlike most online institutes, Intellipaat offers several Master’s programs for those willing to go the extra mile and gain a degree, along with the certification which has lifetime validity.

Further, they provide both online and self-paced lectures so that individuals have the choice to do the course as per their convenience as learners have lifetime access to the courseware. This is especially beneficial for working professionals who can only take out quality time based on their schedule and complete the course.



This educational platform offers courses in a wide range of subjects. It covers nearly everything including both university-level and vocational ones. You can find some courses available for free, but the best ones come with a certain fee. Once you pay, you get lifetime access to its materials and files.

Udemy has been present in the online education industry for quite a long time now. It has an impeccable reputation and offers a preview to many courses so that people know exactly what they pay for.



The main Udemy’s competitor has done even more during this lockdown. Coursera grants free access to all its courses to students who can prove their status. Given a wide range of disciplines and subjects supported by Coursera, this offer was truly helpful. Millions of students throughout the world can enjoy free education.

Indian students can benefit from this platform the most. Whatever your major at school is, you are likely to find a respective course. The certificate issued upon completion is recognized by many traditional educational settings.



Skillshare is an online platform with free access to over 2,000 classes. It is one of the most popular educational platforms in India, which is project-based. Students can also pay for a premium membership. That includes some extra features added to their accounts.

Their collection of courses is split up into three large categories. They are: Thrive, Build, and Create. You can both develop your personality, expand creativity, and practice your skills. Most of the offered courses contain a short presentation and a class project.



The masterClass is a prepaid platform whose annual membership costs $180. Even though the rate is a bit high for a student, the courses offered are taught by real professionals. For example, you can learn acting from Natalie Portman, singing from Christina Aguilera, or cooking from Gordon Ramsay.

This platform serves mostly students seeking means to develop their creative side. It also does not offer certificates of completion. Nevertheless, all of its members confirm their positive effect on their level of knowledge and skills.



Many Indian students are stuck in quarantine but want to continue their education. They can benefit from a college-level platform called EdX. This platform has lots of classes per every major offered by the most recognized educational institutions worldwide. Many of them are split up and rendered by levels.

EdX has built its reputation as an affordable and universal platform with excellent visual content and assignments. Many courses also offer video materials, making your learning process as close to traditional instruction as possible.



Udacity is the best nano degree educational platform now. It means that the learning process is project-based and focuses on practice more than theory. You can find courses in AI, Coding, Robotics, Mobile Programming, and Data Science there. Most of them last 3-6 months.

Udacity is synonymous with innovation. It is not recognized as an academic setting and it does not offer a degree. Yet, many employers recognize this education that improves your chances of landing a good job upon completion.



Futurelearn offers lots of free classes created by professionals from the world’s best universities and colleges. However, the platform also offers premium courses that come at a price. They are better-planned and prepare you to work in the chosen field.

Futurelearn is very close to classroom instruction. It follows the curriculum of the main educational institutions. It strives to deliver the best knowledge to Indian students who choose to learn from home during this difficult time.

Final Words

Distance learning and remote education are rapidly developing. The recent events have only reinforced their advancement. The transition from traditional instruction to online learning has been fast and smooth.

Indian students have the opportunity to fully enjoy the world’s best knowledge. Many have already signed up with the best educational platforms. If you care about your future and do not want to waste a second, register with one of the platforms and immerse yourself in home-based high-quality education.