When it comes to shoes, many people will first think about the design and comfort since they are the core features. However, there are some innovations where wearing the right shoes can make you look taller as well. These are the elevator shoes.

If you never heard about this option, you should know that they don’t have high heels and doesn’t look anything like that. The great thing is that these shoes looks the same as regular sneakers or boots you like. However, there is a special feature inside them where a platform is integrated in a way where no one will notice it.

There are various reasons why people might look for this option. For example, a lot of professional construction workers prefer boots with additional platforms since they are safer. They have additional layers of security along with the platform that will prevent injuries if you step on a nail, or something heavier fells on your leg. However, the design represents an issue since they are not so attractive, and you cannot wear them outside of construction site.

On the other side, there are brands and designers who create some new models with installed features that provides men will slightly increase height and better comfort. If you are interested in buying this model of footwear, you should know that all kinds of designs are available, such as elegant shoes, sneakers, and more. You can check more about these models online. Here are the main reasons why they are so popular for man in India.

Improved Confidence

Even if you have a height that is considered as average or above average, it is common for men to often feel unsecure and unsatisfied about their height. That is especially the case when people are comparing themselves to others. If you find it as an issue that you have the same height as your partner, and you think that it can be a good for you if you appear slightly taller, getting an elevator shoes can be the right solution.

For example, there is a group event that you have to attend, or a date with potential partner. Even though getting the additional few centimeters from wearing these shoes won’t be something so important to others, it can help you to boost your confidence since the difference will be clear for you in these shoes. You will notice the difference and feel much taller, and that can help you to act more confident and satisfied.

There are Health Benefits

Besides the fact that it can help people to gain some height by simply getting new shoes, there are many of these models with special foam and other elements that is proven to be much healthier for the spine. Keeping the right posture is also very important, and that is also one of the key features. You will feel much better in new shoes, and besides getting those few centimeters, you will also improve your posture, and appear even taller that way.

This is a much easier solution to keep the health of your spine in good condition when compared to some other options, like the devices that you need to wear on the back, or some complex surgeries and other challenging procedures.

No One Will Notice

When you choose the right producer and model, there is no way to anyone to notice that you are wearing this model in the first place. Even people who are spending a lot of time with you won’t notice the difference. Another great thing is that there are so many different models available. Therefore, you can combine footwear for different occasions, and each pair will have a platform.

On the other side, if you choose a model that will increase your height by more than 4 or 5 cm, keep in mind that people who are with you more often, especially at home, will notice the difference. For example, you were using it for a date, and now you are seeing this person all the time.

There is a moment when your girlfriend will notice that you are wearing these shoes. Still, it doesn’t have to be an embarrassing situation since you can simply explain that you feel much better and more confident, and that it is healthier for you as well.

Furthermore, we have to mention that you might be surprised with the fact that even celebrities are wearing these shoes all the time when they are visiting public events. It is especially beneficial for men who have average or lower height. We all know how it might ruin the confidence when you are dating a woman of same or slightly lower height, which can be significantly increased when she is wearing high heels. If you find it a problem for you, this is the best solution.

The Bottom Line

The main reason why you should try these shoes is in case that you think that you should be taller, and if you are not feeling so confident around taller people or when you partner is wearing high heels. Still, keep in mind that many people find it irrelevant, and that there is no reason to worry about height in the first place.

Still, this will help you to boost your confidence with a simple option without the need for buying some expensive and challenging devices for your back, or even going to a surgery that can add some height, but also increase the chance for various complications and side-effects.

The key features to look for when buying these shoes are quality, position of the platform, how many centimeters it can add, and durability. As we already mentioned, the great thing is that most of these models will also bring other benefits since you will keep a better posture of your back and whole body, while there is foam much more comfortable and healthier for your feet as well. You can choose a whole collection of footwear for each season and different occasions.