This recreational activity is considered one of the most popular. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and genders around the world. However, there are places where recreational fishing is more favorable due to the conditions and vice versa. In that case, India is considered a place with a long coast, an extremely large number of rivers and other watercourses.

This makes it one of the best places for sport fishing. Although these advantages enable fishing throughout the year, there are certain periods in which the conditions for this recreation are better. The ideal months are April, so it is possible to enjoy the benefits of the season until June. After that, the season reopens from October to November offering a perfect breeze. We also advise you to use the middle of February and May and thus provide yourself with the best quality time.

Precisely because of these and many other things, fishing has become a complete hit in the tourism industry. To find out other reasons that are responsible for the high demand for this sport, keep reading.

Fishing in India


When you want to relax, take a rod in your hands and start doing it, then you will surely choose a place in India. As we said before, a large number of people from different parts of the world come here to take a break from the urban environment and enjoy the spectacular views offered by India. Everyone who lives in the city simply lacks such peace.

Apart from the fact that you can enjoy the beautiful views, a lot of people come here because of the different types of fish that are characteristic of this area. When we talk about such species, then we can’t help but mention the star among fish – Mahseer, a species of carp that is found in many rivers in India. Next to it, there are other species of carp (which are not endangered), then Giant devil catfish and trout. Read below which are the best places, but before that find out the reasons why it is so popular in India.

Reasons why fishing is so popular as a recreational sport in India

1. Positive impact on wildlife


Every true sport fisherman above all cherishes a love for the environment. India has a highly protected water system and most places require a permit. Also, fishermen’s licenses have special taxes in addition to the license, so they contribute financially to even better protection of the environment. With that money, many programs are maintained whose main purpose is conservation.

Every passionate person is aware of this, so he will deal with this exclusively in places that are in line with his moral values. As you may have concluded, all the rivers of India are certainly the right choice when it comes to principles like this.

2. It serves to relax


Generally speaking, this sport in itself relieves stress and helps in achieving a state of peace. In addition to resting physically while enjoying the sport in the most comfortable position, our mind is liberated because it is in a peaceful environment. Of course, not all environments are so peaceful. However, due to its natural resources, India is one of the most popular places when it comes to the relaxation of body and mind.

3. It is very good for health


When you reduce stress to a minimum you improve your life by 50%. So one such interesting recreation, in a relaxing place like India can bring you many benefits when it comes to health. A large percentage of the American population has a problem maintaining a healthy balance in the body.

The big reason is the large amounts of food that lead to abnormal weight and thus to poor health. When you get out of the fast pace of living in the city and visit the places we have listed, you become active. This activity helps you to awaken positive feelings, lift your mood, and eventually burn calories. This is another reason why people love to visit attractive places in India.

4. Recreation


Another very popular detail is that India gives you full potential. This means that due to its conditions, rich natural resources, it is actually an ideal habitat inhabited by fantastic species of fish. And what is a better reason for a fishing enthusiast than a good species? When you are already engaged in a certain recreation and absolutely enjoy it, do not be satisfied with any conditions. Take your sport to the next level, find your peace and concentration that is only possible in the places we have recommended.

Best places for recreational fishing

Ramganga River, Jim Corbett National Park


This one is perfect if you really want to enjoy true nature. The main attraction of this place is the river Ramganga. It can offer you everything you need to relax with your favorite recreation. The period between October and June is considered the best.

Kaveri River, Karnataka

This is another river that draws people around the world to one of the most beautiful places in India. In the first place are fishermen, of course. The most interesting thing you can come across here is the king among fish – Mahseer, but not in regular size, but much bigger. It is a sight that simply delights people and one of the reasons why they come to this beautiful place. In addition, the location itself offers other opportunities such as sports activities.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands


We present you another paradise on earth when it comes to a place in India. Although most come here for various water attractions, such as surfing, fishing is equally represented. These turbulent waters contain a large number of fish species that can delight you. Of course, catching and releasing is the main practice in other places. The only thing you have to do is use the right line and hooks in these turbulent waters. To choose the right line, visit, and read reviews.

Lakshadweep Islands


If you love tuna then you must visit this place. All fans of these fish love to come here and find their favorite species. If you are also a fan of water sports, here you have the opportunity to enjoy it. Apart from these popular places, India is special for other things that attract many people to visit this place and engage in their favorite recreation.


When you take into account all the reasons listed above, you can’t help but want to go to the best places in India and enjoy nature while doing this recreation. Now you know what the best place and why it’s so popular even among locals.