Every community in India is famous for its culture and craft. One peculiar thing you will find in all the states in India is their wooden art.  Woodcraft in India is an ancient art among the people and its origin can be traced as far back as its foundation.

The Indians make very useful and fascinating objects with wood. They are widely known to export their woodcraft and are ready to share their beautiful patterns and designs with the world. You can identify each region’s artist work based on the wood used for the craft.

Most locals prefer to use wood available to them in their location. They even have patterns that are unique to a region and from their woodwork, you will find an array of items ranging from wooden toys to useful furniture. You will be inspired to see the beautiful objects they create using wooden raw materials.

Here are just a few communities that will inspire you with their wooden craft.

Uttar Pradesh

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The people here are famously known for their wooden craft. Some of the places where you will find woodcraft are Aligarh, Azamgarh, Nagina (Bijnor), Bulandshahar, Ghazipur, Lucknow, Mathura, and Saharanpur. They have access to raw materials which they can utilize by creating lots of beautiful handicrafts.

You will find most of their craft made out of mango wood. They also have access to shisha and sal wood for carving. Their furniture work is made from ebony, neem, and white wood. This quality of wood is what accounts for the stylish designs and long-lasting wooden objects they produce. Most of their work is ideal for gift items. They make trays, bowls, and other interesting wooden objects which are mostly lined with brass wire.

Nagina makes beautiful wood carvings which are found in wood items like a table, chairs, boxes, etc.

Madhya Pradesh

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Here, you will find woodwork in the form of doors, window frames, wall panels, and furniture. Their wooden handicrafts are carved out of a variety of woods like Teak, Sheesham, Kumbi wood, Sal, and Kikar.  Apart from furniture, they also use their craft to make other interesting objects like toys for kids, masks, flower vases, drums, and even idols. Their professional wooden crafters prefer to paint and polish their wood for a perfect finish.

Another fascinating fact about Madhya Pradesh is that they use their art to tell stories. They carve daily happenings around them on wood and this is how the history of woodcraft began in the State. You will find the front doors of old houses carved in teak with tiny floral patterns. Their woodwork makes excellent gifts for friends and loved ones.


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Rajasthan is also another place where you will find great wooden craft products. They make useful wooden objects like cabinets, windows, chairs, chessboards, tables, etc. These household furniture are just some of the works you will find in Rajasthan. They also make other interesting objects like puppets and you will find them in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur communities

Pipad city and Bhai Sajanpur in Pali district are known to make paper-thin bowls made from rohida wood and prepared for Jain muni-s. The popular Gangaur festival in Rajasthan reveals a variety of wooden figures like the Isar and Gauri. These figures are made in Bassi which has a lot of its locals devoted to wood carving.

Arunachal Pradesh

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Their trees are useful in making lots of wooden objects. You will find wood types such as Sal, teak, and oak. Their culture is particularly rich in wooden craft and it is a place you will find fascinating objects. They have wooden objects like dishes, bowls, cups, and toys for kids. Other unique arts are their miniature figurines, masks, and wooden statues of past heroes.


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Gujarat also has a lot of wooden craft collections but they are famous for making carved wooden screens and furniture. It is home to some of the most beautiful ornament carvings in many homes. They carve wooden objects and paint them with very radiant colors.

Their wood is also quality and long-lasting. They carve their wooden pieces and even line them with ebony, redwood, and tin. They also create beautiful designs using precious metals and stones. You will find a lot of these beautiful carvings in the balconies of old homes in Ahmedabad. They also make other wooden furniture like bedposts and cradles as well as toys for children.

Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh has mostly red sandalwood within their reach. This is what they use for most of their craft and they make useful wooden objects that can be used for homes. You will find their woodwork available as furniture, toys, and mythological figurines. Apart from sandalwood, you will also find wooden art made out of neem, teak, and mango wood. Their wooden craft industry is known to make musical instruments. Generally, you will mostly find wooden craft popular in  Hyderabad, Tirupati, and Vishakhapatnam communities.

In Nirmal town in Adilabad district of the State, the place is famously known as the land of toys. They developed this craft in the early 14th century. Nirmal uses burgu and ponki wood which are very light. They are also known to make articles used for household purposes. Their wooden articles are painted with bright colors and designs of classical miniatures to give it a distinct look. They make articles like boxes, trays, coasters, etc. Andhra Pradesh is famous for making Kondapalli dolls and their artisans’ process of making these dolls are not so easy. The artisans take their time to create these beautiful toys.


India is a country that would inspire you to learn the wooden craft. You can take on woodworking as a hobby during your free time. It is exciting and very fulfilling when you make beautiful objects out of wood.

Whether you are a beginner or newbie in woodwork, you can always start your journey with the help of online resources. There are many woodworking projects for newbies online, like this massive list by Sawinery, to help you get started with your woodworking journey. There are lots of interesting tools and guides online as well, to help you create beautiful wooden objects. You can take on woodworking as a hobby to make beautiful and useful objects just like the Indians.