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Q: Which is the best microphone under 1000 Rs in India?

A: This Boya BYM1 is the perfect no. 1 value for money evergreen microphones under 1000 rs in India. It works perfectly for smartphones & Tablets, DSLR, desktops, laptops. This Boya mic records good quality of sound and it has good noise cancellation capacity.

Q: How much does it cost to buy a good microphone?

A: In order to record excellent premium audio, you need at least a basic mic covered with a windscreen (filters). There are a lot of generic microphones are available on Amazon and Flipkart for under 1000 rs. So, my suggestion is better to read the specifications as your requirement.

Q: Which is the best mic for YouTube podcasting in India?

A: This Smashtronics is just the best mic for Youtube in India. you can also use this mic for streaming, voiceover, vlogging, interview, and singing. 6. COM-TECH Professional Condenser Mic for YouTube podcasting

Q: What is the JBL collar mic?

A: JBL has recently entered in Lavalier collar mic industry. There are two variants of the JBL Collar mic. One comes with battery power another is without battery power. if you want to use the mic on a DSLR or Laptop/PC, then go with the Battery-powered feature. without battery-powered works for smartphone recording.