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Q: What is the best perfume to buy Under $20?

A: Best Perfumes Under $20 1 Giorgio Beverly Hills EDT. Not to be confused with the Italian luxury fashion brand, the Hollywood boutique launched its debut fragrance in 1981. 2 Dana Tabu Eau De Cologne. … 3 Gloria Vanderbilt Vanderbilt EDT. … 4 Guess 1981 Los Angeles Women EDT. …

Q: What are the best celebrity fragrances of all time?

A: Elizabeth Taylor is the grande dame of celebrity fragrances. Launched in 1991, Elizabeth White Diamonds is a classic in the genre and took its place in the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 2009. Although this new release is not as distinctive as the original, it’s still worth sniffing out.

Q: What does Guess Los Angeles women smell like?

A: The Guess 1981 range was launched in 2017 and Los Angeles Women is the latest addition. It’s a very pretty and sweet-ish fruity floral that opens with red currant, pear, and mandarin orange notes. The heart of the fragrance is fresh and features a trio of floral notes (peony, jasmine, orange blossom). Orange enhances that effect.