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Q: Which H-series digital piano should you buy?

A: All in all, if you’re looking for a combination of both realistic sound and touch, the H7 is the only model I would recommend in the H-series. But since it costs significantly more than $3,000, we didn’t include this model in this top list. What premium console digital piano did you end up buying?

Q: Which digital piano has the most realistic key action?

A: The Grand Feel III is arguably the most realistic key action found in a digital piano regardless of price category (not counting hybrids). While this is fairly subjective, Yamaha with its plastic GrandTouch-S doesn’t come close to Grand Feel III in terms of feel and response.

Q: Which Clavinova piano should you buy?

A: The most affordable model in the Clavinova range is the CLP-725. It’s fairly basic in terms of built-in sounds and features. However, it does come with the same detailed grand pianos samples as the rest of the models in the series.

Q: How much does a Kawai grand feel piano cost?

A: The flagship models ( CA-79 and CA-99 ), which sell for well over $3,000, feature Kawai’s flagship Grand Feel III key action (successor to the Grand Feel II). This is a full-size wooden key action where each white key is a single piece of wood of about the same size as with an acoustic piano.