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Q: Which is the best mini fridge under 10000?

A: This Mitashi mini fridge under 10000 is the ideal appliance for your minimal needs as a single user. It has a freezer and is fairly energy efficient. 6. MarQ MDCR180PG 180 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator

Q: How much electricity does a 1-star rating fridge save per year?

A: This aspect will clear the units of electricity (kWh) used totally in a year. A 1-star rating fridge will save Rs 300 per year.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of a refrigerator?

A: The lowest and the highest capacity of the range have increased these days enormously. The capacity for small fridges is 150-250, for large fridges it depends on 250-500 liters and for big refrigerators with a capacity of 550 to 850 liters.

Q: What is the capacity of a double door refrigerator?

A: The capacity for double door refrigerators is generally 250 to 500 liters. Two doors refrigerators have multi features divided into two parts, one on the top and another on the bottom. The upper compartment is the freezer used to reserve ice-cream and frozen foods.