BEL India has established itself as a major player in the industry of electronics and defense military equipment. However, they do develop other things as well. Here, we will go over several of their shelter products, or in other words, mobile accommodation of sorts used to serve various functions on the mission grounds.  Read on to find out what their shelters are used for and what they can withstand.

1. MIL Graded ISO 20 Feet Shelter

MIL Graded ISO 20 Feet Shelter


BEL 20ft MIL Graded shelter is constructed with a sandwich panel with walls and a steel frame skeleton. Sandwich panels are made by using hot press the bonding technology. In other words, pre-coated aluminum sheets are put over a rigid polyurethane foam core, while structural members at defined locations form the sandwich panel cross section. Walls are joined together through the use of high strength blind rivets. Steel ISO corners are present at all eight corners of the shelter for better handling and transportation of the whole unit.

Various personnel uses these shelters and command and control centers and station for radar operations and other military applications. The shelters can also be fitted with air-conditioners, an NBC filtration system, and other required utilities and commodities, including electrical wiring and distribution box.

2. Sheltered CBRN System

Shelterised CBRN System


These are the top features of this CBRN surveillance vehicle:

A mobile sheltered system fitted with CBRN devices for surveying atmosphere in the areas of interest. As a CBRN HAZMAT vehicle, it is also equipped with protective suits, various CBRN detectors, and a decontamination system and decontamination chamber for responding to any CBRN hazard warnings.

The vehicle also has Wi-Fi broadband connectivity for connections with the command control center, it is fitted with NBC filtration system for Driver cabin and shelter, a base station with command and control software installed inside the shelters, and it is self-contained unit with power generation, environmental control capability, and enough room for operation with a comfortable environment for the crew.

The unit is suitable for deployment in various sensitive areas by the government, municipal bodies, security agencies, hotels, embassies, event management firms, etc.

3. Expandable Shelter

Expandable Shelter


With this unit, two shelters are joined together to get the size and room of almost three shelters worth of working area. Shelters are carried in a dedicated prime mover vehicle, while plain terrain and desert terrain versions are also available. The shelter can be used in both single and joined modes, and there is an in-built facility for loading and unloading to and from a truck platform. Shelters like these are suitable for command and control centers, field offices, field hospitals, etc.

4. Sheltered Nuclear Biological Chemical Lab

Sheltered Nuclear Biological Chemical Lab


These are separate sheltered labs for the analysis of nuclear, biological and chemical contamination. The lab equipment is designed by DRDO while the mounting and ruggedization are done by BEL. The self-contained labs have power generation, environment control, and NBC decontamination facilities and a chemical toilet facility. Since they are a mobile system, they are mounted on Tatra vehicle. There is a radio communication facility fitted with modern NBC monitoring, detection and analysis equipment. Inside the shelter, there is lead lining on specific areas. Furthermore, the station is also equipped with a sample collection system.

5. PU 12 Telescopic Mast

PU 12 Telescopic Mast


This is a lightweight aluminum alloy mast, with an erection time of 15 minutes. It is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 130 km per hour and has a normal wind load of 50 km per hour. When fully erect, it reached 11.4 meters and has a head load of 10kg.

6. Hydraulically Operated Telescopic Mast

Hydraulically Operated Telescopic Mast


Hoist Height is 17m, with additional 0.2m above the vehicle platform. The hoist head load is 100kg, and it is able to erect under winds of up to 60 km per hour while withstanding up to 160 km per hour. It is a mobile unit, mounted on a TATRA 8 x 8 vehicle. Erection time is just over 20 minutes, and the power source it runs on is PTO / DG set / Mains. This telescopic mast has a 24-hour working time without any major maintenance or adjustments needed.