Thinking about spicing up your videography skills? A lot of men and women love to take pictures and shoot videos. However, what if we told you that there was the right way to do this? If you’re a bride to be or if you’re someone who is attending an Indian wedding, you will appreciate this article!

We will help you spice up your photography and videography skills, and we will teach you how to shoot in HD. Here are our top 10 important tips on how to shoot the best wedding video. Keep on reading and experience top-notch quality!

1. Have a steady hand


Have a steady hand and know your way around with your technology and your gear. For instance, you should shoot your videos with the help of a tripod since it will help you with precision, as well as steadiness. Place your tripod onto the ground, against a wall, or another steady surface and you will get an amazing shot from a different perspective, and with several different angles!

2. Get yourself an amazing videographer


Working with some of the best people truly does half the job for you. You should browse through your options, yet stay focused on the style that you prefer. Some photographers have a unique and distinct way of doing some shoots. You should find the one that meets your criteria and that also has an amazing sense of what you like. Toni Marino is one of them, and you will love his work if you prefer high-quality shots as well as some intimate yet perfectly captured moments!

3. Produce creative and different shots


If you don’t want plain and boring shots, you or your photographer will have to think outside the box. Play with different angles as well as with perspective. One of the best ways to do so is for you to shoot from the middle of the event and toward corners. By placing yourself in the middle you’re going to capture different angles, as well as unique shots, happy faces, and any perfectly centered details!

4. No zooms and pans


Almost every other person loves to hit that zoom button a bit more often than they should when using a professional camera. This constant motion can leave your viewers seasick, and the video can look like it was shot by an amateur. Rather use the button randomly and organically, such as when everyone’s cheering, for that big kiss, the first dance, etc. This is the most common rookie mistake, so make sure that you avoid it.

5. Think about outdoor shoots


You’d think outdoor videography would be simple because there is a load of sunlight, right? Wrong! The sun provides the lighting, but it doesn’t always fall where you want it to. What you should do is shoot with the sun at your back. Having anyone look or stand directly into the sunlight may irritate their eyes. You should also look at the forecast beforehand and talk step by step with your team on how you plan on doing the shoot.

PS: Also aim for the golden hour, it looks amazing with videos and with pictures!

6. Prepare properly for indoor shooting


Ignoring indoor lighting is a rookie mistake that you can make. Indoor videos can be a bit tricky to do, which is why ring lights are more than important in your room. However, stay away from overhead lights since pointing these to people and in their faces can leave a shadowy cast, which will look like a poorly shot video. Everyone should come prepared and with proper gear. Once you set it up, it’s gone time!

7. Position the lights the right way


As previously mentioned, know where to place your lights! Aside from the typical and a standard 3-light setup (one directly placed on the subject, a backlight, and a fill light – place these around the room to achieve dramatic effects and stunning results). You could also turn out all the lights in the room and use your equipment only for that dramatic effect! Do this 2-3 times only, no reason to overdo it.

8. Compose interviews


Although a cameraman should shoot videos and capture some of the most important moments, it is also important for him or her to act as an interviewer! You could do a sit-down with one person in front of the camera. Ask them how they feel about the bride and the groom, and what do they think of the venue itself. Make sure that you leave them with just enough space to talk. Consider the background and place them somewhere comfy to sit. Go for intimate and sentimental surroundings at this point since they will open up to you with ease once comfy and relaxed.

9. Get amazing sound


You have to have amazing audio to make high-quality videos. The most common mistake that a videographer can do is forget to record audio and to fail to monitor if the sound is done right. Sometimes this can be a two-persons job, so make sure that you bring your team or your assistant with you. Watch out that there are no unwanted background noises, AC units, or babies crying, this can ruin the video and your professional work.

10. Green screen is a hit


The green screen is one of the most common go-to tools for professional photography. They are used on big TV shows, among forecasters, as well as in plenty of YouTube videos. Bring your green screen with you everywhere you go, and think of its measurements. Also, think about how it is going to incorporate and sit in your chosen room.

Time to enjoy your big day, the right way!

And there you have it! Our top 10 simple yet quite effective tips that will turn every photographer or videographer into a professional! If you’re ready to experience high-quality pictures and videos, and you’re also a bride to be, make sure that you carefully read this article and implement every advice from our list!