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Q: How much does it cost to build an audiophile system?

A: In our first two installments of the “Audiophile System Builder” we focused on assembling a desktop audio system for under $1,000, and a more sophisticated system for your den or living room that will set you back $2,500. Don’t get us wrong – $2,500 buys you a lot and it should.

Q: How much does a Dynaudio stereo cost?

A: Dynaudio’s rather extensive line-up does get extremely expensive as you start looking at the Focus and Contour models; the Focus 260 at $5,000 is a really fine loudspeaker that makes one wonder why you need to spend a penny more for a reference quality stereo, but the real diamond in the rough is their $1,200 Excite 12.

Q: What is the best small monitor for sound quality?

A: The Prism has similar sonic qualities with an overall performance level that ranks up with the best small monitors SS has heard.

Q: Are Sonus Faber loudspeakers made in China?

A: The movie caused an uproar among the Italian’s customers who willingly pay a small fortune for the handcrafted loudspeakers designed and built in Italy. The reality is that Sonus Faber is only making one line in China, and based on early results – it’s remarkably good.