Each of us needs to put our habits under control. Why do we say this? We say this because each of us has certain habits that some are good and some are not and reflect on us. However, in order for that not to happen, we must first think about whether our habits are appropriate, and whether they have a positive effect on us or not. Many people, for example, enjoy smoking cigarettes because they think smoking relaxes them, makes them forget about problems, and so on. But smokers who smoke tobacco cigarettes realized the mistake they made and switched to an electronic cigarette, ie a vaping device which is a far better option than smoking tobacco cigarettes that have the most harmful effects and consequences on human health.

Young people, in particular, are those who easily get used to smoking tobacco cigarettes, but also easily get rid of them through electronic cigarettes or simply take them with them or through vaping devices, say from 180smoke who sell quality electronic cigarettes and vaping devices that notice increased sales and increased awareness among consumers about the harmfulness of tobacco cigarettes. Almost all people around the world are becoming aware of the dangers of non-tobacco cigarettes and are starting to change them with this alternative. But there is an interesting phenomenon coming to us in India.

People in India have become more and more addicted to cigarette smoking in the last 10 years. It was information that raised the red alarm in the government of India which started campaigns through which it assured the population that smoking is harmful, and after seeing that the campaigns do not have a large share in the opinion of the people, they moved on to something else. They decided in 2019 to completely ban the use of cigarettes for all citizens but also banned the sale, which expects the rate of smokers to decline, and thus improve the health of the entire population, ie expect the population to be protected from the consequences of smoking. But is it legal to smoke e-cigarettes or vaping devices? This is a dilemma that exists among most readers, so we decided to research and come up with the answers that we talk about in more detail in the continuation of today’s article.

Is smoking e-cigarettes and vaping devices allowed in India?

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If India and the authorities in this country are known for anything, then it is the strictness of governance and the strictness of the population. Proof of this are a number of legal solutions that have been adopted over the years, and an excellent proof is the ban on smoking cigarettes. But there is a dilemma, and that is whether, in addition to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are also banned? The answer is yes, the ban is general and applies to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping devices. It is a general decision regarding smoking, which was made by the Government of India in 2019. This decision caused great outrage and great criticism from the population, but the Government has a reason why it does it. The first reason is that a large part of the population in India is uneducated and does not understand the harmfulness of smoking, and the second reason is that they tried to influence the population through campaigns, but unfortunately failed.

Why are e-cigarettes, vaping devices and tobacco cigarettes banned in India?

Every decision made by a government has its reasons, so the reason for the legal ban on smoking in India has its own big reason. The root of the problem is sought in the past 10 years when the rate of smokers in this country is increasing enormously, and thus increasing the sale of cigarettes of all kinds. This has set off alarm bells in the government, especially since it has been observed that the percentage of young people who are smokers is increasing. Reducing the rate could be tried through e-cigarettes, which are a great way to change a bad habit, but still the government decided to go with a general ban that will try to raise awareness of the population at least a little.

Why are both electronic cigarettes and vaping devices banned?

Although there are many studies and a lot of confirmations that electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are far safer for all smokers and are a great substitute for tobacco cigarettes, still many people in India have not turned to that solution, but also and the government has not taken that decision as relevant to reducing the percentage of smokers in this country. That is why they are introducing a ban on smoking, which is general and applies to all types of cigarettes, and this ban was adopted in 2019. In the period before the adoption of the ban, a large number of young people who were smokers and who due to excessive cigarette consumption often called a doctor for various problems caused by tobacco cigarettes were noticed. That is why the government is making a decision that at least a little bit tries to raise awareness and put the situation in a position, and that is showing great results for now.

Is there a possibility to change this decision?

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What we have seen as an example in other countries is that when a decision or a legal restriction is made, ie a ban is that if an improvement is seen in the situation due to which the legal restriction was set, the legal restriction will be eliminated. But in India, it goes a little harder. From there we get examples of laws that have been active for years, ie laws that have been applied for years in order to maintain people’s awareness and awareness of certain conditions.

But there is a sincere hope that some change will be made in this law and that the smoking of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices will be approved, which are considered a safer and healthier option than tobacco solutions that are very harmful to human health. We hope that the situation in India will be normalized, and with that, the possibility for people to be able to use electronic smoking solutions will be normalized.