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Q: What is a Vega crux helmet?

A: Visor: The Vega Crux is an open face helmet with a clear and scratch free visor. The visor glass is transparent and it fully covers the eyes, nose, and face. The visor also acts as a shield from the weather. It also provides protection from UV rays.

Q: What are the best motorcycle helmets in India?

A: Price and Looks: The Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Helmet is one of the most affordable helmets in India. It comes in a matte finish and can be purchased for an approximate price of Rs 850 to Rs 900. This is a good product for those of you who want a lightweight helmet.

Q: Why choose the Vega cliff CLF-LK-m Helmet?

A: The visor does not fog up during rain and offers a clear view no matter what the climate may be. Comfort: The Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M helmet comes with a single padding that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. It is because of this single padding that the helmet is ultra light.