Since a wedding captures the magic of intimate movements and happiness, it makes sense to celebrate the day with the finest jewellery. Gemstones are an integral part of every culture. No wonder they are the most preferable choice when it comes to designer wedding jewellery.

Every year, trends change, and new patterns enter the market. Amid this transformation, you may feel lost as to the type of jewellery or designs you should pick. Your wedding needs all your attention so let us take one worry off your mind by suggesting the trending wedding gemstone jewellery designs you may choose.

Georgian Designs Are Forever

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Since the Georgian era, jewellery has been characterized by delicate cuts, cluster settings, and coloured accents. These designs still hold value and have made a major comeback recently.

You can go full-on vintage with a Georgian style stone setting in your wedding ring, necklace, or earrings. It may be an east-west setting where the stones are horizontally set or opt for the marquise shape stones for the downtown vibe.

If you like to incorporate old-worldly trends into your gemstone jewellery, you may even use pearl as the centre stone in your wedding ring. It adds a touch of femininity and classicism to your jewels.

Blue Gemstones

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The fancy diamonds are no more the hallmark of wedding jewellery. New-age brides are embracing coloured gemstones with vigour and excitement. You may expect a lot of blues and purples in the latest wedding jewellery trends.

Without being extravagant, you may pick aquamarine jewellery for its subtle appeal and eye-catching colour tones. It can be the focal point of your necklace or drop earrings. If your budget allows, nothing can beat the sheer magnificence and beauty of blue sapphire.

Buy pure and unadulterated cornflower blue sapphire for your wedding ring or necklace. This gemstone will enhance the overall appeal of your jewellery and bring you immense good luck for a contended married life. A combination of pearl and blue sapphire can also become your favourite.

Unconventional Bands

Gone are the days when a gold band was essential for auspicious occasions like wedding. The modern brides prefer an unconventional approach that extends to their bridal jewellery. Hence, unconventional metals like blackened platinum are making headway into the market.

Rose gold is another ubiquitous option that may look edgy at times. You may choose between the two to experiment with your bridal looks and buy something that’s out-the-box. And if blackened metals won’t do for you, stick with yellow gold for its forever appeal.

Mix and Match Gemstones

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Instead of going solo with a single gemstone setting, you may opt for a mix and match option. It involves a cocktail ring that may be slightly over the top but extremely breathtaking. Match gemstones like blue sapphire, emerald, amethyst, or kunzite with a band of diamonds or ruby to create your unique wedding ring.

Linear clusters with accent stones have been the traditional choice in engagement rings. You may also embrace this trend with petite and delicate gemstones in different colours and shapes. It makes a dainty wedding ring. Mix the colours like yellow diamonds, emeralds, and pink sapphires to create a unique and mesmerizing band.

Go Solitaire

For many years, halo settings have been the flavour of the wedding season. But, the classic solitaire is still solid. You may adopt this timeless style for higher quality and coloured gemstones while ditching diamonds and halo. Pave stones with extra sparkle look clean and lean in this style.

You may experiment with the shapes and bands as well. For example, choose a hexagonal yellow sapphire and set it in a rose gold band for creating your distinct gemstone jewellery. And if you love diamonds too, you may go for a slim band of diamonds around a solitaire of emerald, ruby, or blue sapphire.

Pearl Is Still Classic

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Those of you who believe pearls are no more a wedding jewellery stone need to notice this trend. The elegant and stunning pearls are still as relevant and classic as ever. You may find it used in a variety of the latest designer jewellery collections. From simple strand of pearls to breathtaking Tahitian pearl necklaces and rings, there are endless options for you.

Select distinctive hues and sizes to experiment with the look of your jewellery. The best thing about pearl is its versatility. You can set this stone in any metal of your choice and it will look equally stunning in each. And don’t forget the astrological significance it carries. A pearl gemstone can bring purity, romance, and integrity to your relationships while enhancing your inner peace and calm.

Go Minimalist

Minimalism is another interesting way to style your wedding jewellery without going overboard or too flashy. You may choose dainty designs with strategically set gemstones in minimalist patterns.

The aim is to create delicate and feather-light gemstone jewellery that complements every style. It may encompass bracelets, chokers, rings, drop pendants, earrings, and cuffs. You may incorporate floral designs into a volley of coloured gems to create beautiful designs replicating a meadow in the spring time.

Emerald Cut Is Back

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Fancy shapes have given way to the emerald cut this year. It has come into spotlight with its sharp facets and geometric shape. Emerald cut offers a sophisticated silhouette and glamorous touch to your wedding jewellery. If you don’t want to go subtle, choose emerald cut diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, or emerald itself in larger carat and step cut facet for your wedding ring.

And if you aren’t satisfied with a single emerald cut gemstone, opt for the 3-stone setting for a big punch and refreshing breakthrough from traditional styles. Other geometrical shapes like triangles or squares also create beautiful jewellery pieces. You can choose emerald as the centre stone to bring notice or add smaller coloured gemstones around the edges of design for a pop of colour in a classic design.

These are some irresistible and fashionable wedding gemstone jewellery trends you may follow. If you are a bride to be, make your bridal wardrobe and jewellery box stand out with some unique and unconventional designs. However, be cautious about your purchase and prefer buying from a trusted store like GemPundit that offers certified gems and high-quality metals in modern designs.