Gaming has grown into a popular category globally. It is a fun activity, for some, it is a hobby, professional orientation, a way to spend free time, e-sports, etc. No matter what we call gaming, in the end, we have to agree on one thing, and that is that it is primarily a fun activity that is interesting to most people, but also that it is a planetarily popular option that over the years is becoming increasingly popular and sought after by people who are in love or in the meantime have fallen in love with gaming. There is a lot of evidence for the popularity of gaming, and in the following, we present only some of them.

If we have to talk about gaming and how popular this activity is, it is best to consider all the data. First of all, we can take the data for the sale of computer equipment, which every year shows an increase in the part of gaming equipment, which shows that most people still decide on gaming, then we can take the data from YouTube, where most of the views have videos that relate to the gaming of a particular game, and we can also take the popularity of games where it can be seen that games like World of Warcraft are hugely popular on a global level which speaks volumes about the interest of people for this activity.

Speaking of World of Warcraft and its popularity, it is good to note that this game is perhaps one of the most popular at the moment, but also of all time. Proof of this are the large number of generations who over the years have grown up and had fun with WoW as an interesting gaming option that offered a number of fun moments. Then we can look at the planetary rating, ie we can see that around the world World of Warcraft is considered one of the TOP 3 options for gamers, and the most interesting fact is that this game is often in the first place in the reviews of popularity in India. or in the top three places of games according to popularity. Hence the questions about the popularity of World of Warcraft in India, why it is so popular, and whether this popularity will continue to grow in the future, which you can find out in the continuation of this article.

Is WoW the most popular of all the games currently popular in India?


As we have already said, gaming is one of the most popular categories in India, but also the most popular category when it comes to a personal choice of how to spend free time. Proof of this are a number of factors, and a particularly good example is that the game World of Warcraft is usually the number one choice for gamers or is usually in the top three options when it comes to choosing games. All rankings and ranking lists speak that this game is the number one choice, and the reason why it is the most played game is that we often work on improving it and for a certain period new sequels are made to this game.

What’s the reason for this popularity in India?

As we have already said above, the popularity of the game is due to the engagement of the gaming production behind this edition, but it is also due to the fact that this game offers a number of opportunities such as the ability to learn quickly, to progress, the ability to follow streams from popular gamers, but also the ability to grow in relation to the character you have in the game which you can take care of yourself through hard play and constant investment of time to be better and better or through the great a number of boosting options that exist, which are especially popular in India and you can see them at

Will the popularity continue to grow in the future?

There is a dilemma for many people in the gaming world, and that is whether the popularity of the game will continue to grow in the future around the world, especially in India where there is a particularly high growth. The answer is yes, and this answer is yes for the following reasons: the gaming production behind WoW will continue to make new sequels to this game and upgrade the game with new things, booster offers from a number of sites will continue, but The boom of popularity that exists will continue, so this game has a great future.

Every Indian gamer strives to become as good as possible in playing World of Warcraft


There is one interesting fact, and that is that every Indian gamer who loves this game tries to be as good as possible in playing. How is that seen? This is seen in the average active hours of playing this game according to which a gamer in India spends an average of at least 5 hours playing this game, but on average every 3 players from India try to improve their skills through rewarding boosting options that are left as a choice for players.

The number of WoW teams playing in major tournaments is even increasing

The number of teams from all over the world that apply for the big tournaments in WoW is increasing, and there is a special increase in the number of teams coming from India. This is due to the great popularity of the game which is growing from year to year, but also the large number of opportunities that allow to progress in playing this game. It is also interesting to note that these teams are among the strongest, which is very interesting knowing how little popularity this game has had in recent years, and how much popularity and success it has had in recent years.

We believe that this popularity will continue to grow, and we believe that the skills of gamers will improve in India and around the world because today everything is available at hand and all that is needed is a desire to play WoW, time, and super equipment and usage. of all the opportunities that are given.